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A2 (Cow) Milk in Hand Made Soaps

Cow (A2) milk in Handcrafted Soap  This  post talks about benefits of A2 cow milk  in the hand Made soaps. It is an astonishing fact that people at the age of 85 have a better and softens skin than our youngsters. We just skip experimenting with our precious skin with various chemicals and cosmetics and still not nourish our skin. If we just complained our grandmother than she will advise only our traditional remedy to put on our skin i.e. cow milk or cream and other simple stuff. It is not too late to be aware that we have forgotten our traditional natural ingredients of skin nourishment due to the label of branded cosmetics. For years milk is consider as a healthy food across the world. Especially we Indians cannot live without milk specially cow milk. It is consider as an essential part of our routine diet. But did you know the milk especially A2 cow milk has a lots of benefits for development for human health and also for skin and hair as well?       Let us start with benefit