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    ACTIVATED CHARCOAL IN SKINCARE This post talks about soap made with activated charcoal as main ingredient and its benefits for the skin. Do you want fresh looking skin with  tiny and tighten  pores.... than stop the search.  Have a perfect product for you..... Activated Charcoal   Hand Made soap : Explore below Article:   What is Activated Charcoal   Why skin pores are crucial   How to clean the pores     How Activated charcoal works   How to  reduce acne   How to exfoliates the skin What is Activated Charcoal ? Activated Charcoal is a fine black colored powder made up from coconut shell.when used in skincare products like  Soaps,Face wash,Shampoo etc.. helps to pull the dirt out of the pores,making them less visible (it's oil and dirt that makes them appear too bigger).  one cubic inch of charcoal has  incredibly high surface area equivalent to a 150,000 square -foot field which is lot of adsorption  power! Why your skin pores are crucial? Pores are small opening  in the skin