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Natural clay in Hand Made soaps.

  Clay in the soap! you didn't know! you required. If you've been looking for the natural solution that won't dry out your skin and also controls your acne and give you overall benefits like glowing skin than stop the search. Have a perfect product for you..... Clay Hand Made soaps. Explore this Article:   Kaoiln clay      Bentonite clay     Fuller's earth clay     French green clay     Calamine clay What is clay? clay are naturally occurring element which is derived from various sources like volcanic ash,soil,rocks,and sediment.Each clay has a unique composition of minerals such as Magnesium,Calcium,Potassium and silica. Clay attach themselves to oil,bacteria and impurities from the skin and leave skin more clean,clarified and balanced.      What are clay soaps? These are the natural soaps that use the natural active substance of clay. The soap lather is gently cleans the face while getting rid o