Cut Copy - We Are Explorers

Free Your Mind

By js

Cut Copy's new album Free Your Mind drops in the Americas on the 5th of November. The problem of previously releasing an album masterpiece, that was In Ghost Colours, is that it makes it tough to live up to future expectations. It's kind of like dating Olga Kurylenko - no future girlfriend will ever measure up, no matter how much of dime piece thoroughbred she may be. This track though, is vintage Cut Copy, harking back to the days of "Hearts on Fire" and "Lights and Music."

Indiana - Mess Around (Le Youth remix)

Mess Around To This

By js

Guaranteed to be a a club banger in more sophisticated cities (i.e. NYC, SF, and ok, parts of LA, but definitely not Hollywood). The nu disco genre continues to thrive, and Le Youth is one of the main culprits. But let's not overlook newcomer Indiana - her vocals make for excellent source material.

The Hood Internet - Over Your Head (B.o.B. & 2 Chainz x Chromeo)

Do Dat Der

By js

Chitown mash-up specialist The Hood Internet strikes again! For me, most mash-ups fall just short; this one doesn't and seems just as natural as an original. Indeed, there will be no objections to the marriage between funky Chromeo and hip-hop BoB and 2 Chainz.

Twin Shadow - Old Love / New Love

New Love

By js

Apparently you can hear this song while cruising the streets of Los Santos. I don't steal cars, so I've been sticking to listening to it while on the streets of Vegas. Whatever the venue, Twin Shadow's electro pop track gets better with every play.

Tegan and Sara - I Was A Fool (Monsieur Adi remix)

Le Remix

By js

French electronic master Monsieur Adi has been cranking out solid orginals and remixes for quite some time now. Add this one to the list. What I like about Monsieur Adi is that he transcends the electronic genre from electro house to synthpop, this song remixed in the latter motif. While last post's Tourist remix may have made the list of early fall standouts, this one may be at the very top.

Haim - The Wire (Tourist remix)

Poolside In The Fall

By js

Everyone from Duke Dumont to Cyril Hahn has gotten a ride on the Haim remix train. Now it's Tourist's turn, turning this generic pop song into one that is on the shortlist of early fall standouts. While it may have a steel drum summer vibe, this track has a sexiness to it (especially compared to the original) that makes it fall appropriate, accomplished, in part, by Haim's vocals. This track once again proves that Haim is not only solid original production but remains some of the best source material.

Route94 - My Love (feat. Jess Glynne)

Route94 Is My Love

By js

Let's keep this weekend party going with this house instant classic. UK Radio DJ sensation Annie Mac is including this track, along with 36 others, on her "Annie Mac Presents 2013" album out on the 14th of Ocotber. She always knows how to pick em.

Robotaki - It's Still About You (ft. Hey Champ)

Save This For The Weekend

By js

Please enjoy this epic electro groove this weekend. (For best results: play after the sun goes down). Montreal-based Preston Chin aka Robotkai recently released this track and promises a "full-fledged release soon." If it's going to be anything like this, by "soon", I hope he means tomorrow. Btw, it's about time we started hearing this music in Vegas clubs ASAP because if I have to hear Ingrosso's "Reload" (however amazing it may be) one more time, I'm going to go insane.

Foals - Out of the Woods (Kulkid remix)

Foals - Out of the Woods

By chreeees

Foals has to be one of the best sounding remixed bands. I consistently find their remixed songs better than the originals. Could be I dig the lead singers vocals and not the rest of the wankers. Could be the quality of the talent they find to remix their tunes as wells. Figure it out and get back to me.

Flex Cop - This Is Not Meth

Farewell Walter White

By js

Been saving this one. In honor of the final episode of the greatest tv series of all time, I figured Flex Cop's "This is Not Meth" would be appropriate. Darondo's "Didn't I," the song that is sampled here, is featured in season 1 of Breaking Bad. Plus, Walter White, himself, makes a cameo in this chillwave tribute.

Afrojack ft Eva Simons - Take Over Control (Solheiro remix)

Solheiro Takes Over Control

By js

Normally it's a bad idea to remix music purity, such as Afrojack's "Take Over Control," but Solheiro pulls it off with remarkable success, turning the progressive house club banger into a pre-club daytime house groove. Perhaps it's the newcomers' naivete or hubris, but whatever it is, I hope this track is a preview of coming attractions from the Mexico City DJ.

Portland - Deezy Daisy (Oxford remix)

French House in Oxford

By js

We here at Soopure have always loved the french house genre. Please enjoy another exemplary sample as Oxford frenchifies Portland's electro pop vibe. The raspy vocals take this track to another level.

Miguel - Adorn (Oliver Nelson remix)

It's the Weekend. You're Welcome.

By js

Yes, Thursday counts as the start of the weekend and make sure to play this song before you go out tonight. Nu disco Swedish sensation, Oliver Nelson, turns Miguel's bedroom grinder into a night-out special. For a completely different vibe though, check out ON's new remix of Everywhere's "Soldier."

Crayon feat KLP - Give You Up (Darius remix)

Crayon and Darius Get Sexy On You

By js

Le Crayon and Darius combine to form this wonderful deep disco (the child of deep house and nu disco) groove. This ultra sexy track is complimented further by KLP's delicious vocals. Sit back and let this song wash over you.

Betty Who - Somebody Loves You (FM Attack remix)

FM Attack Loves You

By js

Oh somebody loves you.... and it's FM Attack for remixing Betty Who's Somebody Loves You so sweetly. Vancouver's Shawn Ward, aka FM Attack, improves on the original, which is solid in its own right, by combining 80's pop with nu disco finishes. The song is decidedly summer and has been on repeat on every media player platform that I own for the past 5 months. FM Attack's album, Deju Vu, dropped on the 12th of September and it is 80's synth pop at its finest. If that is your sort of thing, and it should be, make sure you put on your hot pants and drive your DeLorean to the nearest record store and pick up a copy... or you can just buy it on itunes.

Fingerpaint - Lunar

Lunar Tunes

By chreeees

The Arthur Russell track featured below is also sampled in this Fingerpaint song "Lunar". Fingerpaint is half of the duo Classixx from LA, one of our faves here at soopure.

Geographer - This is How We Walk on the Moon

This Is How We Cover Arthur Russell

By chreeees

Geographer covers one of the best songs I heard in 2003, Arthur Russell's jazzy indie funk "This Is How We Walk On The Moon". Get in.

The Popopopops - Cross The Line (Mickey Remix)

Make it Pop Off!

By chreeees

Summer is coming to an end. Don't let yours go without hearing this jam. Belgian Mickey brings some funk to this relaxed tune off the Popopopops first album. Coveted 5 star iTunes track all the way.

RÜFÜS - Desert Night

Dance in the Desert

By chreeees

Want some more downtempo EDM? Here's some that needs to be heard in Vegas clubs ASAP! RUFUS from Sydney brings out some so well textured and mystical melodies in this track. This song flirts with many different genres including ambient, nu-disco, synth-pop, and house. Jam out!

PS. Check out RUFUS's track "Take Me (Cassian remix)" if you dig this one. Here:

Roosevelt - Elliot

Roosevelt - Elliot

By chreeees

"We make colorful music because we dance in the dark" - says the Greco-Roman label. They walk the talk with outstanding releases by TEED, Disclosure, and now Roosevelt. Enjoy this chill dance-pop treat from the Cologne based producer.

Goldroom - Embrace

Embrace Goldroom

By js

Summer has basically come and gone, but you can still relive it with Goldroom's new track, Embrace. Goldroom is LA's Josh Legg, and he produces some of the best in Electro House, Nu Disco, Daytime House or whatever the kids are calling it these days. Embrace may have more of a house vibe than some of his earlier works, but it still maintains those hard-not-to-dance-to tropical synths that are Goldroom approved. Indeed Goldroom has taken his genre to new level with this song. Ariela Jacobs' vocals round out the track nicely. The 6 track EP dropped on Sept 9. (Bonus info: Adalita is another gem on the EP that is more than dance worthy).

A$AP Rocky - Fashion Killa

A$AP Rap Killa

By chreeees

This might be my favorite track so far in 2013. I'm proud because don't really appreciate rap/hip-hop as much as other genres. At the same damn time, sort of embarrassed because the song basically just raps off a ton of high end designers that appeal to the wealthy and shallow fashionista types caught up in brand image. There is certainly more going on here than just that. A$AP Rocky is incredibly talented and well thought despite how shallow his lyrics may appear here or in "Fuckin' Problems". Get into this song and appreciate its subtleties and ironies. The production is off the charts too.

Missy Elliot - Sock It 2 Me (Kaytranada Remix)

"Misdemeanor" Upgraded to Felon by Kaytranada

By chreeees

Hey boos! Welcome to the beta of this revived beats website!

Montreal DJ/Producer Kaytranada does some smooth things with older Hip Hop and R&B stuff. He brings this 1997 Missy Elloitt yawnfest in the 21st century with a bass upgrade. Stay bossy my friends.